How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘making your house a home’ as an advertisement from furniture companies? Many. But how many times has a piece of furniture bewildered you such that you’ve fallen in love and feel like you NEED a certain piece for your home. Probably, a lot less. Well, we are here to make a change and transform your mindset. So, why lush?

Lush interiors is a business built to revolutionise. At lush interiors, we are driven to deliver the most exquisite and luxurious furnishings at incredibly affordable prices.

We pride ourselves for our innovative design and we hope to enlighten your home with a quintessence of glamour, elegance and luxury with our contemporary and modern furniture.

We believe that luxury should be available to all. We do not believe in sufficing on standard, basic furnishings as we think that everyone has a right to feel their utmost comfort in their home and more importantly feel that sense of grandeur without having to pay such a hefty price tag.

After experiencing the struggle ourselves, we at lush came to realise that modern luxe at an affordable price was an unexplored niche in the current market. We found that if the price was affordable, the furniture was standard and of a cheaper quality. Thus, we made it our goal to strive for perfection in our furnishings in terms of quality and style, without our clients having to struggle in their payments.

Our experts have travelled around the globe and done hours of research in order to attain a variety of the finest quality furnishings in the most premium materials. We hope to portray your individuality and charm through our furniture and make your home bespoke to your taste.

We cherish each and every client that approaches us. We provide a personalised service to fit your needs and we are always open to answer any queries and questions you may have in order to make your experience with us an extremely pleasant one!

We are active on all our social media sites which include Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as we feel that social media platforms are a more efficient way to appeal to the average, busy working man and woman, and ultimately opens a vast ocean of opportunities for both us and our clients in answering queries more quickly and efficiently.

We are the main suppliers in the U.K. for many of these exclusive products hence our prices are the most competitive. We have a 30,000 sq ft warehouse, where you can see our products in their full glory! You can visit us at our showroom, by emailing or calling on the visit our showroom page. We would be more than happy to welcome you at our showroom.

So that’s lush interiors in a nutshell! But don’t just take our word for it come and explore and live what we call ‘the lush life’.

Thank you for visiting our page. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Luxury.  Opulence.  Comfort.